Healthy Living - Full of Life

Welcome to Healthy Living. My goal is to educate people on the power of food and how it can change your life!

Food has the power to transform your well being. If you can learn to eat living healthy foods the body will FILL with life and vitality.

Dead food equals dead energy and health. Live foods will have the opposite effect on you.

The food you eat also has the power to transform your mental state. The body and mind are one. So what you do to one affects the other. Someone can go from feeling tired, lethargic, and spaced out coming from a toxic diet, to full of energy, and a focused clear mind when switching to a good diet. You can go from depression to happiness very quickly with the power of living foods.

Trust me when I tell you that healthy eating will make you whole again.

The problem is that their is so much misinformation on what healthy food actually is. Most people have been fooled by the advertising of the food industry. It is full of lies and half truths. In other words it is a major disinformation campaign directed against people trying to learn how to eat healthy. It is a full on information war they are waging against  population of the planet.

Major multinational food companies have continuously taken control of natural food movements all across the world. The movements start out good, but then those same big corporations step in and buy things up. They take small companies with healthy foods and ingredients, then slowly exchange the ingredients with toxic substances that they try to sell you as good for you. It  what I call an ingredient switch.

The only way to combat this is to make sure you become deeply educated on the foods the body needs and wants. Nature has given us exactly what our bodies need to thrive. So we need to learn to go back to the ancient wisdom contained there.

Using this blog I will be attempting to give you the information you need to win the war on you body.